Terms And Conditions

<p>Terms &amp; Conditions - KNP(Khoja Nepal Points) 1. KNP is the term used for Khoja Nepal Points. 2. KNP can be redeemed at multiple of 100 only. Users are not allowed to redeem from multiple logins using single device. 3. User will get recharge equivalent to redeem requested amount on their registered mobile number only within 7 working days.. Also Please note that the redeem processing may be delayed due to lockdown guidelines. 4. KNP cannot be transferred to bank and can be redeemed only on Khoja Nepal Mobile application. 5. Redeem request will only be processed for maximum upto 500 points in one month(30 days). 6. For refer and earn scheme, each referral should have downloaded khojanepal app in new device. 7. If multiple signup/ login is tracked in single device, user will get permanently suspended and redeem request of such user will not be processed . 8. The terms and conditions can be changed at any time without any prior notice to users. For Regular updates, Please check our facebook Page:&nbsp;https://www.facebook.com/Khoja-Nepal-109241397141369/</p>

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